The one when SCA already wins – By @blazve

Blaz Verhnjak

By Blaz Verhnjak


The one when SCA already wins

So, D&ADs are full on! 
Yeah, the most stressful time of the year, when we all become competitive monsters, fighting for who will perform better and win Marc’s love has finally come. 
But it didn’t. 
Yes, we’ll work our asses of through the weekend and yes, my bed is missing long sessions with me. But all the bad things I expected to go through while trying to conceive good looking babies for D&AD adoption, just didn’t happened. 
Some of things:
From how I saw our Intake as highly competitive (which I still believe we are) I expected D&AD time to be full of torturous bragging with ideas, sneaky asking ‘how your brief is going’ and clever SCAMPs hiding, until one of the mentors sees potential in it. 
Didn’t happened.
Then taken from how Marc last week pushed the threshold on his WIP appointments very high and accepted some decisions we didn’t understand, I expected that he will work on D&ADs just with some teams, he sees as potential winners and leave the teams who are lagging behind with their work creatively dreamless. 
I was wrong.
I took all the motivational quotes and gifts, my friends wrote/give me for ‘in case of emergency’ motivation, on my desk and prepared them to be daily used, expecting that D&AD pressure will took all the motivation of me. 
They are still waiting to be read. 
I prepared one energy bar for each day till D&AD deadline day in my ‘candy drawer’, to help me stay energised and ‘happy’. 
I can have 3 per day now.
And I could go on and on…
I enjoy it, really enjoy it. 
I was never sure about people craving for awards, but if this is how entering awards look like, I’m fully in! Learning curve, excitement, hard work, and passion I grew in last few weeks is worth paying fees for every awards show.
And if SCA is school full of people, fighting for attention of the judges and potential employers, as I experienced it for last two weeks, I’m in a good place.
And if it is not just me feeling all of this, SCA already won. 

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