Nuria Ramos

By Nuria Ramos



I spend almost 6 month in London. Trying to do my best, working hard and forcing myself to enjoy something when I was not. What is success if you are not enjoying even the small piece of the process? Our job consist in finding someone as silly as you to build ideas and solve briefs while you’re having fun, but if you do it too serious and under pressure, not the pressure of Oh shit its for tomorrow!, the pressure of I HAVE TO do great work you end up working instead of playing and enjoying the process.

I read my first SCAB before starting the school, I did completely the opposite of what I explain and what I believed and I don’t even know how it happened. But from a failure, or bad moments, you learn much more things than when everything is fine.

It’s a good learning to know what I don’t want in a future, a good learning to understand what I want to find in an agency to feel as I want to feel and then, do great work. I’ve been all this holidays almost doing something else than “working”, and It’s sad calling it work when while ago it was my truthlly passion.

Before ending term 2 I bought a book, “Fuck it Do what you love” I’m still reading it. It’s just an amazing book to know throw different exercises stop, think and listen to yourself.Instead of keep going with something that you obviously know that is going wrong and try to guide you when you feel completely lost thinking in what you really want and what you really need. I most of the exercises, I believe in every single word that it was written and then I chill and relax for my holidays…

During this period I started a new project that I’m really proud of and it’s going very well. I start with my new partner, working in some campaigns while I was enjoying what I was doing and thanks to alI that I start to build, again, my goal and my directions that were completely dark.

It’s just the start of something that I don’t know where is going to finish. But you know what? I’m doing what I love.

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