Draft 18. By @ethanbennett94

Ethan Bennett

By Ethan Bennett


Draft 18.


Draft 1

Choose from one of the following problems in the world. Migrants, terrorism, the homeless, sexism or racism. Now how can this brand solve it?

Draft 2

The feedback was good, this route is ‘interesting’, now is it even possible?

Draft 3

Research says that this is a great problem. The more people suffering the better your D&AD.

Draft 4

This is great, really smashing this.

Draft 5

Not smashing it.

Draft 6

So many holes.

Draft 7

Maybe this is a gimmick?

Draft 8

After a weekend of trawling through internet trying to make this work, it works.

Draft 9

Feedback was great, you’re ready to go. Time to start crafting, and there’s still a week to go!

Draft 10

Of course they were lying, the script is never finished! What a fool you were for thinking it’s ready.

Draft 11

Massively cut down, this is so punchy.

Draft 12

Too cut down, no-one would understand this but us.

Draft 13

This is a very different script to draft 9.

Draft 14

Great script. It’s nearly there. Keep pushing.

Draft 15

We still don’t have a name!

Draft 16

This idea now lives deep in my unconscious. It torments me before sleep. I hate this brand. I don’t care about the problem it’s saving anymore. Just let it be over.

Draft 17

You are so far away from the mark, your idea just isn’t being sold enough.

Draft 18

Nearly perfect. You have 3 days to craft it.

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