Everything will work out – By @Jonothankh

By Jonothan Hunt



Everything will work out.


I’ll walk home tonight, and see the last of the sun,


A smile will grow on my face as to catch it I run,


Before it disappears behind the hill


And vague shadows cast seem quiet and still



I’ll go past a home as mum comes through the door


Her kids eyes glowing like it’s never happened before.


Smells of tonight’s curry will waft through the night air


As their daddy calls from the flat up-stairs.



I’ll notice the breeze and the birds still awake


A cute couple drive by — sooo cute, double-take.


I think of something — an idea in my head


It’s so good — I even take it to bed



Sometimes, with so many voices around,


I forget about mine. And then I hit the ground.


It’s hard. And I’m shaken, I feel like the world’s mad —


But weighing things up, it’s not all that bad.



Of course I keep doing my best and don’t stop,


Things might not be right, I might not be top,


But looking up, seeing others laugh and smile,


Makes me feel a little safer — makes my mountains a stile.



Next time I’m confused and life seems a test


I’ll see what I can do — leave alone the rest


I don’t need to stress and over thinking is bad:


I’ve just gotta keep caring, drawing, writing, being mad.




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