Draw a Line!

Sam Markham






By @13samuels


… A line of your life, the ups the downs all the trails and tribulations of the present and the future !

So I grabbed my pen and drew .. Hmm I pretty much had my past down , it was very mountain range like , ups downs , highs lows , probably pretty usual for someone my age .

‘Put an X where you think you are now on this line of past and future!’

So I did . It was noticeably on the accent of the tallest peak, which seems like a good thing, but here’s where it gets interesting to me and the point David was trying to get through to us. My line, in the future became less defined more undulating and pastoral not a mountain range that I d like to conquer! So where has it gone wrong as it hasn’t even happened yet? In my imagination , that s where!

The future is yours to imagine . Turn it in to an epic tale , massive , exciting , bombastic , different, wild whatever you want! Maybe it’ll happen.. As the old saying goes ” if you shoot for the moon and miss at least you fall in the stars”

Thank you David Pearl for reminding me of that.

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