Dream Envy: By @victorialeed

By Victoria D’Andrea



Dream Envy:


All my life I ‘ve been jealous of my sister. Somehow she has always known what she wanted to do as a career. She was going to be a 3D modeller for animation.


How on earth she got this dream I have no clue. I mean, we didn’t know anyone who had this job –we both have lived our whole childhoods in a small mountain city in Italy. Not exactly the place where you’d meet or even hear of an animator.


But it was her dream and this really affected her and her decisions throughout her life.


She had her goal – she was following it however she could. This resulted in her spending a lot of her free time drawing constantly and starting many related side projects, such as stop-motion videos.


I’ve never wanted this career path. Learning what it entailed by her side made me realise pretty soon that I don’t have the patience for such a long and painful process, nor do I want to spend my life in front of a computer.


I was still jealous.


I longed to have my own dream, the certainty of a path that I could forward all my efforts towards.  When you live with someone that has already planned what their destination will be, not knowing your own makes you stress even more about the future.


I believe that my inability to choose my path comes from my excessive rationality mixed with vivid imagination.  While these adjectives seem to contrast absolutely, I believe they both apply in this circumstance.


Imagination brought me to have an incredible variety and number of dream jobs. I could see myself doing everything, from an interpreter to a policewoman, an actress to a philosopher – I felt the possibilities were endless. After a few months, however, reality would kick in. Not in the sense you would first expect perhaps. I still believed that if I wished to, all these careers were in my reach. Maybe I’d have to work hard, dedicate all my life to them, but that was not the root of my decision to abandon most of these careers and find a new one.


My father had always insisted that the important thing in life is to enjoy the job you do. This I was most worried about.

What if I worked for years to reach my designed career, only to realise once there that I hated it? How do people know they want to become doctors? They can only imagine what the job is like, having never experienced it before.

And thus most of my ideas were pushed aside, each time in favour of something else I could not be sure would ensure my happiness.


I guess what I love about my life right now is that I feel I’ve finally made an active choice. I’ve stopped being too rational or polemic on my own dreams, and decided to go all in for once.


I can proudly talk to my friends about SCA, and while most of them do not sound convinced with advertising as a career path, I am not immediately flooded with doubts as I used to.


Even if I somehow fail to get a job in the advertising industry, it would have been worth it. Even if just to have had a crazy dream and followed them with more than just words.























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