Last night I saw Mad Max Fury Road… by @larrywrites

Lawrence Parmenter

By Lawrence Parmenter


Last night I saw Mad Max Fury Road…

I’d been meaning to for weeks, unable to make the cinema because of the work, or people, or tiredness.

So there I was, alone, alone like I normally am at the cinema.

I had my supplies: some dark chocolate and a can of ginger beer.

And I sat in Chelsea Cineworld and treated myself.

It was amazeballs.

It was ridiculously amazeballs.

It reminded me of how amazing cinema can be.

How simple a story can be to keep people captivated for two hours.

How little dialogue is actually required when a plot is concrete.

The special effects were mostly practical and I read that George Miller had purchased his own colour workstation for the grade so he could take his time and perfect it.

As I walked back over Chelsea bridge home I couldn’t help but feel inspired to go back to making films again.

I mean I’d been toying with the idea recently – I’d written up a proposal for a series of loosely interconnected vignettes. A relationship presented in fragments. I’d met up with a friend who’s a producer to talk about casting and I’d been considering what equipment would be required to achieve the look I wanted.

But – after seeing Mad Max I had to go home and get to work.

I regraded six reels of my feature film – inspired by the excellent day to night work on MM.

I worked and worked and gradually found myself falling back in love with the process of post-production.

I’ve only got a little sound work left to do on my movie.

Just the foley.

The score is written.

The grade is 90% done.

I’ve been putting it off for advertising – the trailer exists and that gets enough attention without me having to show the whole film.

But I want to finish it now.

I want to shoot this vignette-y fragmentary romance thing too.

A web page which presents you with a mosaic of moments of a relationship for you to watch in any order you choose.

Each fragment directed by someone different, in a different style, with little regard for linear or causal continuity. 

You’d be able to make your own playlists of the relationship – shape how you view it – piece it together yourself.

Yes. I think I like film again.


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