Dream of consciousness  – By @j_kburgess

By Jemma Burgess


Dream of consciousness. 


So most of us dream right? And usually, when we dream we wake up and immediately forget what has just been playing in our mind. I do not. People find it weird that I can remember my dreams in a lot of detail. It’s weird apparently. But I do. Especially when I wake up and fall asleep again. Dreams are supposed to last like only a minute but I always feel like they go on for like half an hour. 


Anyway, I had this really weird dream so I’m gonna tell you all about it. I was in a car, with my creative partner Zoe. The car was red. Quite sports like but bigger than the usual sports car. I was driving. We were driving quite fast down this like the motorway and some crossroads and there was also a roundabout. It was weird because my dream was almost like a movie. The camera/my dream perspective would zoom out to show a map of where we were going. I think we were on our way to Basingstoke. We were defiantly running away from something because we were swerving and skidding on the road and Zoe was constantly looking behind her. 


We were coming up to a junction onto the motorway and I went to slam the breaks on. OH SWEET JESUS THEY WERN`T WORKING, I tried, again and again, to push my foot onto the break as hard as I could. I could see they were about 3 cars in front of mine and even more cars coming from the right that was going around the roundabout ( Knew there was a roundabout ) Anyway, we both screamed but somehow in my 7 years of driving I managed to swerve around all the cars and pull away with no scratch. It was epic. The race was on and I could tell that it was getting more stressful because Zoe was sweating from her forehead. Another junction was ahead and unfortunately I apparently completely forgot that the breaks didn’t work because I tried once again to slam my foot on them. No luck. As we swerved at immense speeds we horrifically crashed into about 4 cars. The car tumbled. And tumbled. And tumbled. Thankfully though we were fine. Not a scratch on us. Or the car. Looking around though I could see bloody bodies that had flung from their cars. Apparently, we had killed a lot of people in that crash. We had no time to grieve though. There were police behind us and suddenly we were in a car park. They were chasing us. We were running as fast as we could. Weirdly all the policemen looked French but that didn’t matter because they were closing in on us. Suddenly there was a bridge. Not like a normal bridge. One of those big fuck off American bridges that cut in half. You see them in movies a lot. We had both speed up as we were running and I looked a Zoe. Zoe looked at me and we were both like fuck it and then… 



I woke up. 


Weird right? I guess you can try figure out what it means. 


The end. 


The copy scores 86 in the Flesch Reading Ease test

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