DRUM Creative Out of Home Awards


By Fat Penguin – The SCA Intake of 2016/17


DRUM Creative Out of Home Awards

On Wednesday night the Drum was kind enough to invite us to their Creative Out of Home awards, better known as COOH. Here are a few of our reflections, recorded on the night.
Mark: If you win one award, you win them all. It seemed that posters that were nominated for one award got nominated for all of them, and won a lot of them as well. Good creative is good across a lot of categories and that is part of what makes it great.
Malou: I just really love men in suits. I can’t help it. It brilliantly amazing! It gives men an instant Photoshop touch. Like Harry Potter. No wait. That has got absolutely nothing to do with this. Except for all the magic happening here tonight (awwww) Hashtag love advertising
Henry: The art of free booze. We had run dry, the taps were empty, the bottles were gone. All that remained was tap water in fancy bottles. But we would not succumb to a night of soberness. Using every creative technique Marc had taught us, we begged for our fellow guests to help us. And it worked. Table 4, we salute you. Opportunity is now here.
Alexandra: The creative thinking we’re honing is beneficial to our lives in general. One table brilliantly sent round a note for extra drink, the other exerted efforts into making it appear that there were more guests around the table for extra food. Never squander creative opportunity.
Sasha: Advertising is the best industry to be in. Creatives sure know how to drink.
Tomo: True creativity happens when you’re trying to score free food and alcohol.
Mary: Never stop. Except when it comes to drinking.
Kenny: Advertising people love awards, booze and free food, which suits me fine. Overall? Total result of a night. Special shout out to table 4.

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