FROM 1 TO 10 – By @Arthur_Art_Dir

Arthur Harry

By Arthur Harry


FROM 1 TO 10


This one is for you penguins.


I started by zooming through the survey monkey for PB3, simply attributing numbers to your work.


But half way through it became obvious that I wasn’t doing you justice. Furthermore it was selfish of me not to leave comments, considering all the work and energy that everyone put in.


So I started again, and this time with the intention of actually giving you honest and contructive feedback.


It’s not easy to be impartial, especially with the ones I’m very close to. Sevens and eights are easily given.


I won’t be generous anymore. Instead I’ll be honest.


It’s not just about being honest with you but also with myself. Integrity is a weird uncomfortable thing. But all the best executions, that came out of our industry, portray strong values. It’s what defines your style by giving a true sense of purpose and meaning to your message.  


Also we’re better off failing in the studio now than later in the real world where each mistake will come at a higher price. We need to be harsh with each other to move forward.


In fact I need you to be better than me so I keep trying to surpass you.


Remember what the Dean said, ‘we can’t afford to go sterile’.


Finally it’s hard to attribute numbers to something as subjective as an idea. Thus here is what they mean:  




2/10 è DOESN’T


3/10 è SEEM


4/10 è RIGHT


5/10 è Proposition seems spot on and taps into a specific audience. But the art direction and copy don’t bring it to life in an interesting way.


6/10 è There’s the beginning of something really sexy, but the execution is still a little boring.


7/10 è I’m turned on! But still not scared or feeling jealous of your idea.


8/10 è A bit of me hates you for not having thought about it, and the other is impressed by how you smoothly solved a problem in a disruptive way. You managed to convey the one truth creating an umbilical cord between the customers and the product.


9/10 è Not happening.


10/10 è There are many ways to bribe a man.

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