Empathy @MathildeSgds

By Mathilde Segonds

We know more the term “empathic” which everyone can show but being empathized is a much higher level. I watched a documentary on the subject and although it may seem trivial, it was very interesting.

Empathy is one of the fundamentals of human relations and communication and yet not everyone has the same. So what differentiates empathy from an empath?

What is empathy? “The intuitive faculty to put oneself in the place of others, to perceive what he feels”. But an empath is more than that, have you ever wondered why people who are strangers or people you barely know open up to you and share their most trusted thoughts?

Empaths are very sensitive to the energy and emotions of people, animals, plants and sometimes even spiritual footprints that exist around them.

I’ve always been told that I had almost no empathy, if only for animals, so much so that sometimes I thought of a sociopath. It has always been difficult for me to understand these very emotional people, so this is the most important topic of the arguments with my loved ones. It’s hard to understand what we do not think is right, I thought people were only in the exaggeration. Finally, after seeing this documentary, I understood that what I saw as a defect being a strength, but sometimes difficult to manage. They are able to understand how others feel and understand what they are experiencing. Their level of empathy is above average and the ease with which they can relate to others’ feelings. They can feel and internalize the emotions of people near and far.

But it’s not so easy, because of their “gift”, many people rely on empaths for support. Empaths are always trustworthy as they generally provide others with a sense of security. And although they are able to deal with other people’s emotions, they experience a lot of stress because of that.

Sometimes I feel no remorse or guilt and I do not realize all the time that I hurt people.

Anyway, I need to work on the feeling of empathy, it is not necessarily a huge problem on a daily basis since finally, I can pretty much hide it. But now I will always put myself in the place of others and try to understand them, even if at the beginning it will not be easy.

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