As students we need to create Lilly Cole adverts

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By Tom Bender


Catwalk modles, hated by ‘real’ women, adored by ‘proper’ designers, and the rest probably don’t really care.


The fashion worldies are an insular bunch. They set their own standards and play by their own rules, dictating the next trend and style. We can merely sit back and wait for the diluted design feature to appear on a skirt or jumper in h&m.


Walking in a straight line, definitely no zagging here. People see it on the cat walk for about 30 seconds and then it slinks into the curtain at the back. Those 30 seconds could define trends valued at tens of millions of pounds. Sound familiar?


However these catwalk models are like ‘good’ adverts, they may not be beautiful, but you won’t forget them. They spark debate and create friction. Under 1% of the country are anorexic and 47% are obese, but they seem to be spoken about in the same sentence constantly with models at the centre of the debate.


Advertising seems to have similar values, we must do work that people will talk about, get angry about or be amazed by.


As students we need to create Lilly-Cole adverts. I can barely bring myself to look at Miss Cole, oh god how is she a model, but she could be the only model i know the name of. Make people remember you, be someone who can create something that we will never forget, it does not have to be beautiful.










I hope we can all create amazing work in our lives, but a big thing I’m looking forward to is seeing the effectiveness statistics. I am wondering how the hyundai adverts will affect sales. Personally i think just to get in someones head is enough, and you can work from there, its free media coverage if people absolutely hate it, but anything else and its a lot more work.


So not sure how i got here, however, we need to do great work that burns into the memory of an ECD and then show the nice work after that.


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