Friday won’t be my favourite “f word” anymore and I can’t f*cking wait. By @iamvandale

Adeline Dechaud

By Adeline Dechaud



Friday won’t be my favourite “f word” anymore and I can’t f*cking wait.


(This is my first scab ever and apart from the fact that I am writing it on a huge hangover, this feels good. So, so f*cking good)


 “-Allo Papa? 

-Yeah, you alright?

 -Yeah I’m good 

-You sure? Your voice’s shaking.

 -I’m in 

-What do you mean you’re in?

 -I made it. I’m in SCA. 


This might not mean anything to anyone but this meant the world to me. 

I. AM. IN. I made it. 

And apparently everyone knew it, apart from me. When I say everyone, I actually mean everyone.

So I guess this is where I get cheesy and say: hey guys, whoever you are if you believed in me, cheers. I’m happy you were right. The cheesiest part would be: I swear I won’t disappoint you.

But f*ck cheesiness. I’m the one who I have to promise this to. Because F*CK YEAH, I’M IN. 

But now, what? 

No seriously. Now what? I’m so impatient to start my journey at SCA and meet all these future intakes that I decided to quit my job. Because f*ck it you know, why would I keep waking up grumpy to travel more than an hour to go do something I hate for a brand I have no interest in? I have a little bit more than a month to read 8 books written in my non native language, do my very first project as an official future intake, enjoy the last days of my social life (yeah I am aware I just made an evil pact with SCA and sold my social life to the Devil and no, I’m not talking about Marc) and chase Pokemon. I’m not joking it’s a full time job. So I need to work smart and stop f*cking around and transforming my brain into poo brain. 

But I am f*cking ready and I’ve never been this hungry. SCA, I can’t wait for you to feed me.

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