Exercises – By @LaskarisPhillip

Tried a writing exercise, this is what I got. If you give up reading it halfway through, I won’t blame you, but you might regret it. 

It was getting too dark to see. So, I opened my eyes a little bit more. Turns out squinting makes it harder to see. Never been too certain why people squint when they want to see something far away. Surely that can’t do anything, right? Would love to see the science behind that one. Closing your eyes and you’re able to see more. That’s outrageous and I refuse to believe it. 

There was something pink in the distance when I opened them further. Now my eyes were wide open. Anyone looking must have thought I was going crazy. I was opening my eyes so wide the tops were becoming pointed; they were turning into triangles. I had always heard of eyes going square, but not triangles. 

I was just starting to make up the image in the distance when I opened my eyes so wide, they started going past my eyebrows and were halfway up my forehead. The lower lids were approaching the tip of my nose. Eyes are supposed to be in the middle of the face, but now they’re growing so much they’re starting to take up my whole face. 

I could perfectly see the pink in the distance, it was a bikini in a shop. But I didn’t care anymore, my eyes were growing more powerful than the eye of a hurricane. I could no longer breath through my nose, because my eyes were enveloping my face. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to swallow if I kept opening them. 

Now I could see through the pink bikini. My eyes had developed x-ray vision and I was looking through the mannequin. I could see the shirt with a rhinoceros behind the mannequin. My eyes were past my mouth. I couldn’t open it any longer. My eyes were greedy. The tips of the triangles now over my head. From behind it would look like I was wearing two cones or I hat cat ears. But from in front it was terrifying. 

I knew it was terrifying, because I was looking at a mirror in the store with the bikini. I could even see around corners. If I came up to an elbow in the road I could see around the turn. Surely this would be a useful talent, but at what cost? I’m unable to eat, I could never learn how to play the trombone. I’ll never be able to smell again in my life. I miss those senses, I want them back. Please! I’ll trade my sight for those senses.

And then my eyes started to shrink. My cone hat went down, my mouth was freeing up. I realised the secret to brining my eyes back was just to close them. But they were closing fast. All of a sudden, I was squinting again. It was great having my smell back and my mouth, but my eyes kept shutting. They were getting smaller and smaller. Almost pea sized now! It was getting too dark to see.

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