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Becci Ford

By Becci Ford


Wow – well today was an exciting one.

Gaining my first snapshot of agency life by visiting Ogilvy and BMB, certainly added another piece to my advertising journey jigsaw puzzle anyway…still a long way off the completed picture yet though…

When writing this SCAB I debated whether I would just simply review my day and describe what I saw in the agencies. But instead I’m just going to share with you my main brief highlight of the day…

Surprisingly, the best part of my day didn’t come from any of the agencies that we visited. Although they were amazing to walk around, and I am very thankful that we got the time to speak to people, and really get an honest insight into industry life. And it was a really great day to feed my curiosity.


It still wasn’t quite the highlight…

Instead the best part of my day was only about 25 minutes long and took place in a pub – with my fellow group mates.

We all sat down together and started going over some video ideas, doing rough sketches etc and it was perfect. Ideas were flowing, everybody was being accommodating, no one was crushing anybody else’s thoughts, there was honesty and it was exciting. We might have come up with some amazing ideas we might not have done (wait and see!).

But it wasn’t the quality of the ideas that made that moment so great for me. What made it stand out in my mind was that I felt for the first time like I had found my voice at SCA2.0, and it suddenly hit me…


Like a brick to the skull…

The reality that I am effectively an unemployed creative now – and this is what my next year and hopefully my future could look like. Marcs been saying it these past two days but it hadn’t really sunken in until that moment.


That the next year IS going to be tough.


It IS going to be full of debates.


It IS going to be full of ideas (hopefully!)

and it IS going to be a journey that we get to share together.

Sorry soppy I know, but when I entered this course – I was thinking selfishly about my end goal solely as an individual, being the driven person that I am. And today I felt more like a collective for the first time and I had more confidence in expressing my thoughts and ideas within the smaller group.

Today I felt like we can all do this.

And that is my highlight…

And that is what has excited me!    

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