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After a recent masterclass from the amazing Rosie Arnold about the best posters in advertising, Honey were inspired to share some of our favourite posters and why we love them. Here we go!


(First one is for a pest control company) I like them simply because they are both simple and ENTERTAINING.

Charlie L

Love the tone of it. It’s simple but requires a little working out. It’s smart but laddy at the same time.🤌

Hard AF

Charlie H 

Too many to choose from, but I like how simple and clever this one is and also that it’s Canadian.


Bro subversion 


Made me smile 




Dave Dye is an incredible art director.  I grew up with these ads and they remind me of home.


Using the medium in a clever way, these are some of my favourite print ads from my childhood in India. (All the posters were in Hindi)


Rosie talked about the ‘golden rule’ of posters needing no more than 7 words. This Chivas Regal poster could have done it in one simple but effective word. I do also like the longer copy in the bottom left, but the poster would have worked just as well without it.


I love visual substitution, it’s just so simple and really clever. I also really like the art direction of the copy and how compact it is. The visual does all the heavy lifting but the copy acts as a nice bow tying it all together. I quite like the fact that if you walked past this at first glance you’d think it’s a beauty ad but upon second glance it’s a trick to get you to stop smoking those dirty ciggies. Nice one Mary.


Wallis – ‘Dress to Kill’ 

This poster managed to be stylish, witty and dark at the same time. The holy trinity. Che belle. 



Iconic. Smoking is bad. But WORDPLAY is good. Geoff Smith is the writer.


Never gets old. An idea so beautifully simple


Well, it needs a little bit of translation. “The 2nd of September, I’ll remove the top”. “The 4th of September, I’ll remove the bottom” and the 3rd one is “ AVENIR, the display that keeps its promises”.
I don’t really like putting a naked woman, but I guess it was “normal” at that time. I just really like the way they communicated the message. 



So many to choose from. But I love the simplicity. Love the cleverness of all of this and the use of the space and the local context can be powerful. Also helps that the writing is beautiful. 


I love the way the copy and art work so well together.  You have to read the copy and it takes a couple of seconds to get it.  But just look at the boy’s posture, arms crossed, smug, cheeky.  The spot light is lowered, so it’s on the two kids who have fallen down.  Something about his arms being crossed.  I think you have to be pretty steady and confident on your skates to be able to stand with your arms crossed.  Also love the way it’s aimed at the parents.  It’s one of those toys that parents are going to be resisting buying because of the injuries.


Smart and simple x2


From the simplicity of the design to the great copy it’s an ad that I remember thinking, wow that’s smart. It’s so easy and yet so hard to come up with and the fact it was so topical makes it even more impressive.


I’m often more drawn to smart copy. But this poster was slick and simple and delivered the message of ‘finger lickin good’ through chicken.


Very clever 


BBDO Bangkok


It’s a perfect and simple ad. And I love that the art direction made it really emotional and told the story of family life. 

Honey x

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