First SCAB, by @tristanamadeus

Tristan Amadeus

By Tristan Amadeus – From the 2015/16 Intake


A few weeks after speaking with Marc, I found myself in Australia working for his friend’s The Marketing Academy in Sydney (an organisation that develops leadership capabilities in marketing, advertising and communication industries).


The experience was incredible. I got to meet, schmooze, drink, converse and basically wing it with all the head honchos from Sydney’s biggest agencies and corporations. I don’t know if I actually had a discussion about metaphysics and marmite with Tom Uglow (the creative director of Google), or I’d passed out amongst the free beer and nachos at his lecture, and dreamt it. Needless to say my brain fires in new ways now.


At the end of it, I was offered two internships. I turned down VICE to work as a junior art director for M&C Saatchi. Having the opportunity to work on film sets, view postproduction techniques and hear the suits chat shite was amazing. I told one of the CD’s about SCA, and his reply was “of course I bloody know it, what the bloody hell are you still doing here ya crazy pom!”


I headed back to London to tackle the scholarship competitions.


After crashing out of both scholarship competitions (and being completely brassic). I have no choice but to enter the deep dark world of amateur porn…


Risking a plethora of STDs, cummy finger food and the possible long-term resentment of long-term girlfriend. I should say fiancée, yes, fiancée. I proposed to her last year at a Libertines gig in Hyde Park, with a Kinder Surprise. So meticulously opened, and sealed shut again (with a ring obvs), it could have made a place in some esoteric art collection in Dalston.


She says she’s okay with it (the porno gig, not the proposal), but as us boyfriends, ahem, fiancés know, or will get to know, that feeling could change just as quickly as my countenance après money shot. I will just have to make sure my seminal time at SCA will be well worth hearing: “we need to talk” or “are you sure you don’t want another viagra mate?” for the umpteenth time.


I step on set, muttering something about the temperature in two weeks…


Anyways, it was great seeing the 2014/15 year again last Friday, and meeting Ben Golding, Ethan Bennett and Nihal Tharoor for the first time. I can’t wait to meet the rest of you very soon! It’s going to be a momentous year!


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