I think about Marc far too much – By @RobCHeimann

By Rob Heimann



I think about Marc far too much


I think about Marc far too much. It’s very annoying. He makes me want hyperbolize all the damn time. I talk about him with people, who have little interest in him, or in what he does and will never meet him. Sometimes I admire him and sometimes I think he’s a pillock. His poker face inspires a horror that is practically Lovecraftian it’s ability to unsettle whomever it is turned upon (there’s a future scab in that).

But what Marc is most is insightful. I wonder how much is a knack and how much is learned behavior? Most people with that sort of skill I’d say it was mostly talent and a little bit of experience, but Marc has a dedication and determination that if you told me that he had just sat down one day and just learned all the physcology and behind reading people I’d believe that too.

I’m not a hard person to read most of my emotion sits on the surface and I’m pretty good at sharing and bleedin’ terrible at shutting up when I should be keeping schtum. So he won’t have had much trouble figuring me out. Thing is for whatever reason I haven’t really asked him what he thinks of me and what I’m about, mostly because I’m afraid of what he might say. It might not be as bad as I think, but my biggest fear is knowing what people really think about me. That’s why I’m scared of asking people to partner up with me.

Anyway I was talking about Marc not me, damn ego. Yes so, I need to talk to Marc about what I want out of the school, what I want to be in and after school and who should I be working with.

It must feel weird having people write about him all the time.

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