I’m going outside, I may be some time – by @NJHolley


By Nathan Holley


I’m going outside, I may be some time


Like most commuters I rely on the rail and underground networks to get around london.


As great and (usually) efficient as they are, I can never help thinking about how much I’m missing above ground.


So last friday I decided to find out.


The walk from Brixton to St Pancras is long, 5.3 miles long to be exact.


After school I went to WHSmiths by Brixton station and bought myself a notepad and a pen.


I stuck them in my back pocket, and off I went.


According to google, it should have taken me 1hr 50mins, instead it ended up being closer to 3.


Partly because I didn’t have a phone and was relying solely on my intuition and very average knowledge of central london, and also because I found myself in a very relaxed, almost meditative state of mind.


With no immediate deadlines to worry about and take up space in my head I was able to just simply be, and I found ideas came to me a lot quicker.


I remember reading an article a while ago about Rosie Arnold.


In it she spoke of how walking her dog would keep her sane and helped to clear her mind.


Attempting to in someway channel BBH’s Deputy ECD I try to walk my dog every weekend.


Over time i’ve found that I usually have my best ideas that way, removing myself from my environment for a while and shutting off from the monotony of life.


My dog is turning 10 in 2 weeks time, which is a reasonable age for a hound.


I’m just hoping that she sticks around until I get myself a job.

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