Flying is like time-travelling – By @thefuerst

By Martin Fürst



Flying is like time-travelling

Besides the apparent reason, that we often travel into different time zones, when we fly, there is another aspect of it.
It’s not only the transition from one country to another, especially in my case. During the half-term break, it became obvious to me, that when you stay away for a longer time period and then go back, it’s like you’ve never left.

The people you know and visit are still the same; the buildings are the same, the shops are same and nothing really changes. The question “what’s new?” is often a bit embarrassing for both parties.

By now I learned to love flying, especially hanging around airports.
I already know where to go, how much time you’ve got to drink a pint or to buy some magazines at well-stocked shops before taking off. You don’t have to worry anymore; you can chill watching people and trust me at airports the diversity is higher than in most of the cities. Stressed families, bored businessmen, the lonely foreign student and not to mention all the different nationalities.

But now back to the time-travel topic. One thing I’m still not used to is the experience of time. Today I started the first day and it feels like there was no break. More like a long dream. Nothing really changed during half-term at SCA, except that we now have one more PB in our pocket. It seems like I’m jumping not only between to different worlds, Austria and London but two different timelines. Of course, both of them are running linear, but it seems like they are waiting for me to continue. I’m not sure anybody who reads this understands what I mean, but I give it my best.

This slight confusion is interesting and worrying at the same time.
It feels like both worlds are demanding of me and I’m the one who presses the pause button. Sitting at the airport with a pint I started philosophising why it is this way and I came to a conclusion.

When I started SCA in September, I said goodbye to many people and close friends, in the thought that I’ll soon be back. But this was a mistake because what I did was cut off all the contact and build a little of my own English universe if you will, where only I live. What I should have done is to merge these two worlds together instead of separating them, this way, there is no need for choosing – which I thought I had for over a few months now.

So from now on, I’m making time for personal calls with friends back home, to work towards the goal of getting only one world instead of two separate ones.

It’s going to be called my world. Where I live my life.

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