Frazer seeks help on BT brief from spiritual fortune-teller – by @FrazerPrice


By Frazer Price


Frazer seeks help on BT brief from spiritual fortune-teller and gets stood up.


Marc often explains that we can’t just be advertising machines. We need other stuff, other things going on on the side. Like making montages of shower scenes in Russian films or building dream catchers out of melon skins.

We need to do these things to firstly stay sane but more importantly they’re what make us who we are as creatives.

Recently I happened upon a passion project that I wanted to explore with Mr Tom Espezel.

We want to get psychic mediums to help us dissect briefs.

And we had our first contender, until very recently, that’s why this SCAB isn’t as exciting as it should be.

If you’re reading this Mr Madiba…you’ve upset us.

I left the school earlier than I usually would in order to pursue your magic wisdom.

With a highlighted brief in tow I travelled half way across London to seek your guidance.

You left me at Paddington station, alone, cold….wait, not cold actually. It’s been nice and sunny recently but cold, cold emotionally. Leaving me with nothing but a few muffled words exchanged on the phone.

This SCAB is a plea. A plea to all spiritual mediums, fortune tellers, casting witches alike. I will not rest until one of you help solve a brief with me. Nae, I shall seek entire book crits from you.

This project will not die. You can stand me up all you want. There’s plenty more out there like you Mr Madiba, don’t think you’re special. You were just the first, there will be others.

So watch this space world. Coming soon, a blog, from me yours truly, getting psychic mediums to tackle briefs and crit my work. I’ve said it now to all three of you reading this – my neck is on the line, I said I’ll do it, this project cannot die.

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