Free as a Bee

Stick to the brief, listen to the mentor, be on time… but moreover, BE FREE AS A BEE ! 

It’s been 2 weeks since the beginning of the SCA experience and I already learnt so many things that I can’t even count them. 

On Monday, Marc told us to be a Free Child (FC) during the creative process; to let our mind opens up to other things. 

The day after that the other Marc showed us the different creative techniques that we can use to express our ideas. 

I have to say, it’s very very very different than in France. During my past 3 years of communication studies, every time we had to find an idea for an event, an ad or a complete communication plan, we didn’t have time for finding THE good creative idea. 

None of the teachers I had told us to go deeper in the idea or to explore an other way to express the same thing. We did some really good projects but it’s a shame that they didn’t teach us that kind of creative process to use. Indeed in my previous school (EFAP), the creative part wasn’t the more important thing. 

Back to SCA, I’m now trying to follow the process Marc told us. I’m training my brain on that. It’s not an easy exercise but time after time and with practice it will be easier to do. 

What is hard is to be able to go back to the brief after going deeper in an idea and of course being able to communicate in an easy way the message. 

Those past few months I kind of lost my free child part. I love to paint but something inside of me didn’t let me express myself as I used to do. I wasn’t proud of my work. I realised that my creative part was my inner child. The part inside of me that doesn’t care about other’s opinion, that does everything it wants to make it happier. 

When I’m in front of my canvas I just feel my current emotion and try to capture it by painting, sticking some stuff I have on my “Mary Poppins’ boxes“ (it can be bubble wrap, silk paper, buttons, maps etc). 

I made some research about the inner child and it’s a part in us that’s been present ever since we were conceived. It’s a part of our subconscious that holds memories, emotions from the past and hopes and dreams for the future. We need to be in peace with our inner child, to be fully happy, by listening and learning about/from him.  

Despite the Free Child brain thing, I also have to realise that my paintings, and what I express in those, and my work at SCA are very different. I need to communicate ideas and I know that I can go so deep on the graphic that the audience don’t understand what I wanted to say. I will learn to work on easier design to communicate the good message. 

Here was some of the things I learnt from those past 2 weeks, on my work and also on myself. 


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