Fun Vs Work Hard

Søren Birk






By  @Goodworkmyboy


Fun Vs Work Hard


Before I moved here and started at SCA I had spent a year’s time philosophized about life and the feeling of being happy, wondering if I were the right place on that line. I won’t say I was in doubt, I would say I was searching for the next step to get closer to happiness. I could define this step as needing to do what I really wanted to do, and laugh a bit more at everything as often as possible.


The second after I was accepted at SCA I was already preparing for the hardest year of my life or, at least, I suspected I would discover the hardest of work pressures to date. I knew I couldn’t waste time on unnecessary things if I were to do my work even better. This approach was partially created by the school’s idea about pushing three years into one, but also of my own ideas of If you try harder, you will do a better job.


Just before half term I finally got a grasp of the pressures to find the right creative idea. My concentration was increased and I enjoyed all of this to the fullest. The only way I had reached that point was to work hard without breaks and really squeezed out every idea and continued to write new lines to attack the problem from every angle. At the end of the week I received the following comment that made me think if that was the way I wanted to work… “Where have you been all week, we haven’t talked at all“.


Later that day most of us went to the usual pub as we do every Friday. After a couple of beers I got another surprising comment that made a big impression on me. “You are so crazy right now, show it a bit more at the school”.


Had I just proved one of the creative techniques…? Had I forgotten to have fun…? Was I too serious…? All of these questions led me to a more exciting question. Could I achieve the same results or better by just having fun instead of working hard…?


In the previous week I then changed my approach to the working method. Based on the line “Fuck me you can’t do that”, I have to put even more focus on having fun, because I think it can give the creative energy you need to come up with an idea crazy enough to be noticed amongst all the noise. And I don’t think hard work can do that alone.

Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.” ― Aristotle


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