Get the funk outta here – By @poppy_scarlett

By Poppy Cumming-Spain 


Get the funk outta here

Today was funky. Not funky fresh, or funkadelic. It wasn’t Kool & the Gang; there was no Earth, Wind & Fire. It was just plain funky. I woke up in a funk, and I couldn’t really shake it. The whole day was funked. And so was my work. When the funk takes over, there’s not a lot else left.


I haven’t had a funky day like this for a while, so it hit me pretty hard. Everyone has their own kind of funky feeling, but we all know the funk. It comes out of nowhere, and it’s hard to get rid of. The funk doesn’t like to budge. Fortunately, mine usually only last a day so fingers crossed it’ll be gone by the morning. But sadly the funk is still with me as I write this.


Fortunately, the funk was briefly replaced by Fink. Graham Fink, to be exact. John is lucky enough to have him visiting us for the second time this year AND for long enough to give each of our teams (and singles) a crit. Insane, right? The last time Graham visited us, he said he felt an energy in the studio. And I think we all felt the energy change when he entered the room today. Graham gave a short talk and then did a small exercise with us. Together we meditated as he talked us through the process, as we tuned out our thoughts and into our senses. He told us to open our eyes and look as if we’d never opened them before. Apparently, our faces were a picture; I’d have loved to see them.


Graham reminded me how important meditation is. And how good it makes me feel. I spent a lot of the first term at SCA in a funk. It lasted days back then. The first term was the funkiest, fuzziest experience of my life. And meditation got me out of that. Since then I haven’t often felt like I needed it. The few group meditation sessions we’ve done have been great energizers, but I haven’t looked to meditation to pick me back up and recharge me. And that’s not because I haven’t needed it, I think I just forgot how much it helps; we’ve learned so many useful tools and tricks at SCA, it’s not hard to forget some of them.


With around five weeks left of this term and my whole SCA experience (what the funk?!), there’s no time for funkiness of any kind (maybe a little music). So I need to remember how to get out of the funk and keep the throttle down. Hit reset and keep marching. Gotta keep that mind clear, so there’s room for ideas, my head on straight so I know what I’m doing and my focus razor sharp, so I can see where I’m going; because that’s what legends like Graham Fink do.


Today, Fink got the funk outta me. And I think I need to do it more often. I gotta get the funk outta here.


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