Getting playful! By @_SamBeaumont

Sam Beaumont

By Sam Beaumont


Getting playful!

We’ve done a lot to get playful over the last few weeks. D’s taught us the liberation of free writing, Marc’s given us all sorts of immature inspiration, and everyone who talks to us tells us to be like a curious 6 year old rediscovering this wonderful world.
It’s all about staying fresh and keeping in a state of mind where you can lose inhibitions and do whatever you want. Like having a few tequilas without the vomiting and morning after regret.

We’ve learned twelve techniques to help break free from the serious world into the state of a playful child but it’s the many ways that my fellow SCAers find their inner playful child that I think will help me the most…

Kenny plays video games – I love a good session on Fifa to relax the mind and forget about the worries of adult life.

Tomo loves a few tunes – picking a good song to suit your mood and the work you’re trying to create can free you up to a great bit of playful ideation.

Lauren loves to paint with anything she can find – turns out coffee is the best paint out there and it’s inspired me to have a little search for alternative mediums to express my ideas.

Christine loves to pretend she’s Simba – Disney has been a centrepiece in all our childhoods and I can’t watch Lion King without being transported back to my youth.

And of course Henry whose love for us all can only be inspiring!

What I’m trying to say is that everyone has different techniques and alternative inspirations, all forms of creativity are subjective, but we can all learn from and try each other’s techniques to see if they work for ourselves. I for one will be playing video games, watching Disney films, and loving my new classmates as much as I can to get in touch with my playful youngster to produce the most interesting and childish work possible.

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