Ghosts of Christmas past – By @Holly_Georgious

By Holly Georgious


Ghosts of Christmas past


Christmas is the most magical time of the year (from a non-Christian’s perspective). You can eat anything you want without feeling too bad, you can spend too much without feeling too bad, people are friendlier, children are better behaved and magic and romance fill the air. It is in one-word enchanting. 


But above all else Christmas is a time of family traditions, whether it be gathering around a piano to sing carols on Christmas eve, watching the Home Alones back to back, while wearing Christmas jumpers and stuffing your face with After Eights, or just going around to your grandparents on Christmas Day, where the fizz is flowing and the nibbles stand proudly on a large brass table. Family Tradition (FT) and routine are ingrained in the material of Christmas Day. 


Family Tradition comes from different places. Some people’s traditions were started when they were young, others are handed down by generations and some change. 


Family Tradition changes tends to happen for one of two reasons. 

One – Broke. Some things in life we just do, we are not sure why, we are not sure when they started, or even if anyone enjoyed them to begin with, all we know is that they are no longer fun and they no longer matter to most of those involved. These types of traditions are old and dated unless they truly mean something to someone (in which case you should probably partake for their sake). They are usually just done because they always have been. These are the traditions which are okay to change, which can be adapted and amended and allow for new traditions to be made. 


Two – Circumstantial. These are the forced changes, the traditions you didn’t actually want to change but have, to due to circumstances. Usually they change for sad reasons, like a death of a loved one (or ones), moving away from family or someone being ill. It is possible it is not for sad reasons but merely for reasons outside our control. These type of family traditions are not forgotten, or given up they are merely replaced, usually instantly and new traditions are made, sometimes paying tribute to the original, to those who are missing, or to the situation that is not there. These type of traditions, as sad as they may be, carry with them a meaning, a deeper sense of emotion and self which solidifies the ‘new’ instantly as a tradition to carry on, pass on and keep. 


So whatever this Christmas your traditions may be, enjoy them, share them and notice them. Question whether you like them and why they are there, and whether or not a story may be there. Because I bet that whatever your Christmas tradition may be, there is a reason, no matter how silly. And if you find ones that no one likes be sure to change it to alter it to fight. For all those whose situations may have changed remember that Christmas favours the brave, make new memories in others names, make new fun, make a new game. And wherever you may find yourself this Christmas day. Enjoy it and remember you are loved each and every day. Merry Christmas to all love SCAS

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