Goals and Achievements – By HUSH, the SCA Intake of 2018/19

By HUSH – the SCA Intake of 2018/19


Goals and Achievements


For our reflection slides last week we were asked to talk about the goals we’d set ourselves before coming to SCA, but hadn’t quite managed to achieve. It was a pretty interesting process. For this week’s Group SCAB, we’ll each share one goal we haven’t quite gotten the hang of yet and how we plan to smash it in the coming weeks and months.


Charles: Before I started SCA I told myself I’d stay in more, keep my head down and get lots of work and reading done at home. Spending time with friends and family – as well as obligations at The Market House – have all gotten in the way a bit. This just won’t do. My plan is to completely change the layout of my room so that it’s a more mindful environment to work in and somewhere I’ll actually want to spend my time.


Tom: Get better at time management, despite always being worried about how much time I have I still managed to fuck up and run out of it. Need to stop worrying about time and start using it.


Saphire: My goal was to cycle everyday to uni and go to the gym three times a week like I used to once upon a time. Mostly for mental wellbeing and to relax but realistically now because I only fit into stretchy pants like Marc. Is this what SCA does? I did read in someones SCAB from last year everyone gets fat so the rumours must be true. As per Tom it comes down to time management. Hard work beats talent and all that.


Gémina : I want to participate more in class, and talk more often with the mentors about the briefs and my personal projects, because I know that it will help me to go further in my reflections. I also want to try and practice mindfulness because I feel like sometimes my brain is saturated and this makes it hard to have fresh thoughts.



Lina: Bring my mug back. Bring my scamps home. Start the Self Journal. Finish procrastination.


Alex: I persuaded myself to start setting goals but I find it very hard to follow them 100%. I need to set smaller, better goals and stick to them.


Mary: My plan was to get up early. Put on the coffee. Take supplements. Do ten minutes of strength exercises. Meditate. Read part of a book or listen to a podcast in the way into the school. What I am looking into is getting an alarm clock that slaps me repeatedly from 7am. My main goal is to get over my fear of being early so I’m aiming to get out of the house by 8am and get to school for 9am. Be a winner!


Alysha: Do more! Last year I was such a coaster and then a diver, and I told myself that this year I was going to go that step further which each and every brief. Every brief is an opportunity and I feel like I have been at least trying hard to do good work with some, but have definitely coasted along with others of them or wasted precious time talking to people and mucking about instead of bringing my A game. This must stop!!


Joe R: I need to start implementing more of Buddha Ben’s sexy day one teachings. More time management, more reading and more action! I also really want to create something more professional than a poster or a digital titbit. Bring on the student quality TV ads.


Zoe: Stop making excuses. ‘I’m too tired,’ ‘the brief is the problem,’ ‘I suck at illustrator,’ ‘x y or z is on my mind,’ ‘I’m just not feeling it,’ etc etc etc. Shut up and get on with it.


Taun : I am going to make it a priority to get better with all the Adobe tools. I feel like I haven’t tried to push the limits of my capabilities enough, and as a result I haven’t really been improving. I want to start coming up with ideas I don’t already know how to execute, so that I’ll have something to teach myself in order to make them happen.


Rachel: I need to find a time and space to actually do work such as reading, I know I won’t anything when I get home so I gotta find time to do it before then. I also need to have those timed website blocker apps so I’m not constantly tempted by the siren song of netflix.


Forrest: I need, need, need to get better at Adobe. At the start of the term I thought it was the sort of thing that you could learn in a week on Youtube. I have since realized how wrong I was and If I am going to have the ability to make my ideas come to life, it will be through learning something new every week about the Adobe suite.


Marta: I need an alarm clock. I don’t listen to the 10 alarms I have on my phone every morning. It’s terrible.


Holly: Work on my confidence. I struggle to believe that I am actually good enough to be here, good enough to help people with Adobe and good enough to speak up in Masterclasses. Also, I am so easily distracted and I don’t want this to become so bad that my work suffers. My mind goes 100 miles a minute most of the time so I should also get back into running everyday to give myself and my brain a break.


Tedj: I challenged myself to read 1 book a week before starting school in September… I failed, but i’m working on it, i try my best to read more. I’m getting there!


Coco: Waking up earlier so the morning is not always a mad rush, and I won’t act like a zombie in the first hour of school.


Jemma: I wanted to make my own lunches every day. Firstly to attempt to stay health and secondly to save money. I think I’ve done it about once. It’s fine though. I’ll start again on monday.


Ruby: I meant to plan and execute on whatever I do next from the very start. Obviously I haven’t and I’m not entirely what that thing is, but I really need to start thinking about it seriously. I also really want to spend some time on illustrator and after effects, i completely dodged them and I regret it.


Alexis : Find a way to make my head focus on work, put those headaches down and trying to feel more comfortable at school as it is not so easy sometimes.
Also, I want to continue to work on my own magical recipe and find what my process is, who my mentors are, and where my future workplaces slash home could look like.


Patxi: I definitely want to use more of the creative techniques we’ve learned in class up until now. Before our FMCG project this past week, I feel I’ve placed too much importance on visuals rather than using multiple techniques to come up with a really really great idea to build upon. This past week, Lauren and I used a few techniques (mess finding, opposites and 6 hats) and it was a great chiseling away at an initial idea based on research and different perspectives found through the techniques.


Josie: Finish stuff! my notebooks and laptop are full of unfinished posters/pieces of writing/random bits that I started really excitedly, but are now just lying there abandoned. I need to push myself to actually execute things instead of just planning and thinking about them


Jacob: Scamp more, collect more dots, make more stuff. Cry myself to sleep every night.


Dan: Work out which creative techniques work best for me. Only way to do this is to practice them all a lot. Quantity —> Quality.


Sophie: Scamp for 20 minutes every morning before school and practice all the creative techniques, create work outside of class to practice Adobe and meditate every morning.


Max : I need to make more spare time, I’m going to start coming in at 8:45, I can practice the creative techniques and still have time to get ready for the day. Also I’m slowly going to make my way through some of the google drive briefs and try and make something happen.


Joe F: I planned on finishing a play in a month called Jam about people stuck in a traffic jam. That…*sigh* that has not gone to plan. I can’t actually remember the last time I even touched the bloody thing. So I’ve decided to use it as my mindfulness as I luckily find writing quite cathartic and relaxing. If it doesn’t work out then I’m not practicing mindfulness which I know I back myself in following through with. We’ll see.


A Beautiful Man Named Phil: I need to write more and read more. I know if I don’t read consistently, the words don’t link up in my head nearly as often, and I need to set aside time to do this.



Maddy: Definitely to keep working my ass off. I haven’t always had greatest work ethic because I’ve never been that invested in what I’ve been doing. Sick of hearing about my own potential without actually reaching it. There have been times I’ve felt exhausted at SCA and like there’s no more I could have done – but not every time. I want to always feel like I’ve done the most I could have possibly done.


Lucie : When I left my country to go to the SCA, my goal was to find what I want to do, find a purpose in my life. In Paris I was completely lost about who I was. After only 2 months here, I think I actually found it. I know that I want to stay in London as long as possible and follow my destiny in fashion. For the first time in my life, I know where I belong and I feel so thankful for that.



Andy: I came here to bust a bollock and so far both of my balls are intact. I’m working hard, but I could work harder. I have the stamina and I owe it to myself and everyone else who is sacrificing a lot for me to be here. I need to bring packed lunch every day like I said I would. This is the first month where we only have one salary coming in so it’s not like it’s even a choice anymore. How can I be so dedicated to getting out running and riding but so lazy when it comes to making sandwiches?


Dean: I agree with Andy, I’ve been giving it a red hot go but now I want to PUSH IT TO THE LIMITS. Speaking of limits, it’s important when approaching the brief to attempt stretching it within the limitations. Just like Tennis. Something I want to do more of is get to school early for mindfullness and musical meditation. Having just arrived in Brixton, I finally feel at home and thus my commute is shorter. I can now even walk to school. Tomorrow I will even join the Brixton Running Club. Finally, I need to practise my creative techniques and scamping on a daily basis. For now, I will try do at least 3 twenty minute sessions before school each week.

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