A Manifesto for growth, by @_TManning

Tom Manning

By Tom Manning


A Manifesto for growth

  1. Allow events to change you.
  2. Forget about good – stretch yourself.
  3. Process is as important as outcome.
  4. Love your experiments (as you would an ugly child).
  5. Capture accidents.
  6. Study.
  7. Give yourself permission to drift.
  8. Begin anywhere.
  9. Don’t worry about making it right, just make it interesting.
  10. Don’t be cool.
  11. Ask stupid questions.
  12. Collaborate.
  13. Be careful to take risks.
  14. Stand on someone’s shoulders.
  15. Avoid software.
  16. Don’t clean your desk.
  17. Listen carefully.
  18. Take field trips.
  19. Make mistakes faster.
  20. Laugh.
  21. Don’t be arrogant, be an underdog.
  22. Begin with ideas.
  23. Embrace chance.
  24. Get good at Ad–libbing and make things up.
  25. Make something difficult look easy.
  26. Be first or last.
  27. Believe complex ideas can produce simple things.
  28. Speed up negative experiences, slow down positive ones.
  29. Don’t draw distinctions between ‘real’ and ‘digital’.
  30. If in doubt, do the opposite of everyone else.
  31. Operate with charming obstinacy.
  32. When you’re starting out, only listen to yes.
  33. Give ideas away.
Thank you Marc. Thank you Hannah, Honor, Clare, Vikki, Toufic, Ian, Pete, Rob, Caroline, Matt, Jean. Thank you to every mentor who gives up their time to make our school the best in the world. Thank you to all my fellow students who make our school.

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