Going through D&AD

Hey! As you may know it’s D&AD season! 

Well, I’m not going to talk about how we find ideas, how we manage stress or how we get helped from the mentor. Actually, this time I’m not even going to talk, I’ll let my body express itself. 

Here we go, D&AD from the point of view of my body. 

Buttock: Hi… I have to say, I’m tired of being seated. She wakes up and sits on the tube. In the studio she’s seated as well. And at the end of the day, she takes the tube again, gets home and sits again at her desk to work more. 

Stomach: I’m full! I’m always full but she eats and eats and eats more. I see too much food, not in the right order, all day long. The food has no sense right now… She can eat chocolate and then salt & vinegar chips and she goes back to sugar. I need help. She has to stop eating a bit. 

Lungs: Hello! Well, we don’t really understand what’s going on here. We think she wants to reduce smoking. We went from 10 to 5 cigarettes a day. That’s very strange as the stress makes people smoke more, but it seems to not be the case for her. Is it really the good period to reduce smoking? Juliette, we have to say, you didn’t choose the right moment. Even if we are very proud of you because of the reduction in this stressful period. You go girl!

Brain: Oh I have an idea! Maybe we can… yeah no… Oh yeah I know! Well not the right way to say that… I can’t handle another WIP… 



I need to sleep. 

I’m fine! 

Hands: We have no skin left around the nails. She just keeps tearing off the skin. STOP PLEASE. 

Oh and put some moisturizer on us! Don’t you feel we are dry? 

Eyes: We are tired of looking at the laptop… The glasses don’t do the job anymore. She works on her laptop, her tablet and then she also uses her phone. Stop! 

We like when it’s the end of the day and she reads just before sleeping. Most of the time we don’t allow her to read too much time, as we are both closed after 2 pages. We need to be closed much longer at night… Please sleep! 

Lips: We agree with the hands, we don’t have any more skin on us as well… Please put on some lipstick! 

Mouth: Hum… If I can just say something, I won’t be too long. Please drink water, stop drinking coffee all day long. That’s it. 

Back: I can feel the pain growing more and more because of staying seated on chairs. Also I think that all my friends feel the stress, but you know what, I’m the only one feeling the consequences! If you can do some stretching in the morning and before sleeping, I’ll appreciate it. 

Body conclusion: We need some sleep, some rest. And stop eating all day long. 

Juliette Delprat


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