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I’m quite a private person. I don’t tweet my thoughts. I rarely post personal posts on Facebook. It doesn’t mean that i don’t have a point of view. I just don’t feel the need to always air mine to the world. I don’t get a buzz out of it. Which is strange. Because i do get a buzz out of seeing the reaction to a piece of my work, or a product/service/brand that i have worked on. Maybe it’s because i am hidden behind a brand. Maybe its because i can take on a tone of voice which is not strictly my own.
We have been looking into tone of voice in some depth lately and i think it’s one of those parts of branding/advertising which can be neglected. It’s not the super, sexy creative part. It can be difficult to enforce across all touch points of a brand. But it’s integral to building that solid, loving, continued relationship between brand and consumer.
All the best brands talk like us. It’s a real conversation with real people.
We looked into a range of leading brands to see how it’s done. Brands ask themselves, who are we? and they talk accordingly.
Brands tone of voice in recent years has become increasingly “oooh fwriend”, with brands bending over backwards on twitter to kiss consumer arse. One brand doing it right on twitter is@PALACELONDON – If you fancy a laugh at (probably) the best tone of voice in the world ever, check them out.
I find writing SCABs hard because i have to deliver my own tone of voice. I have to step out of the shadows and put my written personality on the line. Well it’s time to develop my own and i’ll be doing it one SCAB at a time.

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