Good things have happened recently.

Having hit my 100-day streak for gratitude journaling, I thought I’d take a look at some of them. No particular order, here goes:

  1. Seeing maman and papa for the first time in a while using the break to leave the UK and get back to some family. 
  2. Getting my film 
  3. Hanging with tinks 
  4. Seeing Zazu who is very fluffy
  5. Patagonia liked Jess and I’s campaign for them
  6. I had 4 eggs at lunch 
  7. Cigarette was good
  8. A CD reposted our Patagonia campaign saying it was good work 
  9. Arsenal are still top of the league 
  10. The braid is back 
  11. Mountains are cool
  12. The light coming off the moon
  13. Party and seeing the old homies 
  14. Saw Callum
  15. 100-day streak for gratitude journaling
  16. no flat tire in over 3 weeks on spookless 
  17. Doodling in school
  18. Cut robs hair 
  19. Saw Patrick 
  20. Good book feedback 
  21. The climbing homies 
  22. Ate dinner at a reasonable time 
  23. Lip: what a hero 
  24. PIGS
  25. A Beautiful nap

25 moments small or large.
Anything works 

Echo n Out 


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