Half of my experience

I’m almost halfway through my school experience, and the work is getting very intense… We have a lot to think about and a lot of ideas to develop.  I think I understand English a little better but the briefs are still difficult for the French.  I discover new things every day through work and I learn a lot.  I had to complete my portfolio and I am proud of many of my projects.  But I still have so much to learn and see …

I’m super happy with the briefs we have, I find them really interesting.  It is true that I find it difficult to work in a team, especially when I don’t understand everything.

I started looking for work after December and sending in my applications, I really hope I can find a job that suits me.

On a personal level, I always find it hard to be away from the people I love.  My adaptation to this life is still difficult.  But I’m happy because my family and my boyfriend are coming to London this month.  It will really be a relief and fill me with happiness.  I can’t wait to see them and have a reason to come home at night.

They also have to bring me some French food in their suitcases.  I really miss French food, because I can’t really adapt to English food.  I dream of fresh meat every day.  My roommates only cook things that look really bad and I have a hard time smelling the smells and seeing their foods!  So I am losing a lot of weight!  I get sick a lot, to be honest here. I think a lot of it is because of my stress, my anxiety, and my bad morale!  But things are getting better and better … I try to clear my mind, focus on work and get moving.
I also do a lot of sport and that is good for the mind.  It frees my mind.

Finally, I have been evolving and growing a lot since September, either personally or professionally and I hope to continue like this.  I would really like to be more comfortable with the English but it’s really not easy.  I work on this every day.  And I would also like to point out that London is an incredible city, which I love to visit, photograph and film.  This city is magical and I can’t wait to see it during Christmas time.

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