My Erect Nipples by @LucyRBaker93

Lucy Baker

By Lucy Baker


My Erect Nipples


Hello reader,

I’m guessing you clicked on this purely because the words erect and nipples are included in the title.

This scab is about attention grabbing work.

The trouble with advertising, as we are often told, is that people only look at your work for a split second. 

When you start making ads, your brain and eyes change.

You start scrutinising the boring shit you’d never normally read. 

You lose sight of what normal humans think is entertaining.

I want to make work that Joe Blogs pauses to look at.

If I had written ‘my thoughts and feelings’ as a title, I’m not so sure anyone would have bothered.

I’m very sorry to disappoint that there has been no mention of my nipples, erect or not.

It was a booby trap. 


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