Happy birthday you lazy bastard, by @ftabastot

Fiona Tabastot

By Fiona Tabastot


Happy birthday you lazy bastard

The problem after a big deadline is that you think it’s ok to relax by wasting some time on the internet.

As a punition for my lack of focus and motivation, the wonderful internet greeted me with this really depressing website: What did bowie did at your age?

When he was 22 Space Oddity was used for the coverage of the moon landing.

He got his first job at an ad agency at 16. Bastard.

And at 13 he had his first slice of Domino’s Pizza. Damn.
What did I do with my life?
21 days to go before my next birthday.
I can still make a lot of original shits happen in 21 days.

I might not release a song. But who knows? This year is about fame, right?



I sometimes tend to forget that everyday matters.
Then I go out and he’s there, starring at me.
David fucking Bowie.

Haunting Brixton walls to remind me that there’s no time to waste.

Time is running out.



21 days to go.


10, 9, 8, 7… Commencing countdown, engines on.


6, 5, 4, 3… Check ignition and may God’s love be with you.


2, 1… lift off.

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