HAVE A BREAK – By @caminobbe

By Camille Noble




After this exhausting week with many different creative briefs, it’s at last the weekend. We have now two days break from school and to take a rest.


On the last weekend and also on many others week-ends, when I was watching three episodes in a row on Netflix I felt bad, uncomfortable. As if someone was watching me and knew that I has to look after my laundry, that I had a portofolio to work on, do some shopping at the local Tesco down the road and do some cleaning in the flat that I am sharing with 3 others students. I don’t really remember the name of this person, she might be called “Conscience”. She is here present in all my lazy and my rest moments, whispering to me and reminding me what I have to do.


But I’m really convinced that these moments are important. I just have to fall in agreement with my conscience to totally enjoy it. I really hope that we will be on the same mood very soon.


I will always feel guilty to take a break. I think I don’t have enough time to waste. Especially when we have only a few hours to make many posters like this whole week. Time is really precious.


Rest is precious and important too. I saw and realized it on some days this last week. Just one minute to walk in to the studio. Two minutes on Instagram and at the same time have a glass of water. 4 minutes to be disconnected from nice briefs, like AirWick or FareWill, to come back in the creative process fresher.


I know we’ve already been told this in some master class but I am writing this SCAB to remind me once more time and say it in a officially way for it to become an habit. Because at the end, it will make me save some time. Taking a break works also in the everyday life. It works in many situations: when working collaborating with people, during sports, at school, at home, Mcdonal’s…  It makes you see some situations with a certain hindsight.


In many difficult situations becoming angry is the first and easiest reaction. But taking time for a break and thinking is certainly the best way to resolve a problem. I try as much as I can to follow this rule. When I’m upset I don’t say anything straight away because I want and need to first calm down, think about something else before focusing back on my problem. But it doesn’t work every time. Sometimes I can’t distract my mind. And then you just have to see how red my face becomes to know how I’m angry. My cheeks betray me.


I’m working on it. I shouldn’t feel guilty to take break. You shouldn’t either. Taking time for ourselves is certainly the best thing to do: to have fresh thoughts and to try to stay always creative, it doesn’t matter which brief is.

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