How did I get here? – By @mustoejames

By James Mustoe



How did I get here?

I had never heard of SCA until I visited an open day at the start of the summer for a competing school. They were going over all the usual things what the school had to offer, the tutors from the advertising department started discussing the course and after a couple of minutes I knew this wasn’t going to be the one for me. Something I thankfully did take away from that day, in amongst my illegible notes and doodles I’d scrawled ‘SCA Brixton, good place to go?’ which was mentioned by the head of the advertising department of all people. 

A day or so had passed and I was on the SCA website applying, a couple of days after that I was having the phone call/interview with Marc and this is when I realised SCA wasn’t going to be a conventional place to study. After the phone call I was intrigued, with a story about a guy making an omelette for his presentation? I was invited to the next stage and I couldn’t wait to do the face to face interview and find out more. The rest is history and now I need to tick off my first SCAB? from my to do list.

I thought I’d have a look and read what other people had been saying so I did a quick Google ‘SCAB Blog’ thinking it would lead me straight to the source but instead topping the Google search was a blog titled ‘Eat My Scabs’. I needed a glass of source after a quick look (I had to). After that random tangent – Learning a few months back that I had secured a place with SCA and on the course came in equal measures of pure shock, delight and future thinking “how was I going to juggle things”‘. 

Living in London is one big juggling act and it tests everyone. Working, moving, busing, decorating – my girlfriend has me painting an ombre wall?!, socialising, tubing, holidaying (shall I go?) taking one’s place in a queue etc… London is a blurry city and pace is fast, it’s hard to find the time and also a quiet space to stop and collect your thoughts. In addition there’s the preparations/work before the start of term 1 begins to be getting on with. Not that I’m complaining, creativity (ombre wall aside) has been absent in my life of late but this has been stimulated since my application and acceptance into SCA.

The books (I’m 2 in at this point, eeeekkon the reading list have been a very good tool for breaking and pausing my normally busy habits, although it can tricky to read on the commute into work they have definitely been food for thought. 

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