How do you describe SCA to friends & family? – By HUSH – The SCA Intake of 2018/19

By HUSH – The SCA Intake of 2018/19


How do you describe SCA to friends & family? – By HUSH – The SCA Intake of 2018/19


It’s sort of like a school, but it’s… like… it’s tricky.

How do you describe the SCA to your friends & family?


Alex B: I tell them that it’s like The Apprentice, but with super talented people and we don’t make the actual products.


Holly: They actually got it before I got it so I don’t need to explain it to them really. The benefit of doing an arts degree I guess.


Fraser: “You wouldn’t bloody get it, Mum! It’s like a sketchbook mixed with a can of coca-cola. There’s loads of lore and the characters are complex. JEEZ! Now get out of my room I’m reading about hats.”


Forrest: “Wel, basically, my course l it started off a bit like dragon’s den but now it is starting to look worryingly similar to Love Island. You’ve got people coupling up, splitting up, some people are alone, and then you’ve got Marc posing as the lovely Caroline Flack. Madness really.”


Ruby: Oddballs practice making adverts. No qualification, but you should have a portfolio, which is effectively your CV.


Charles: My go to explanation to my mates is “It’s like art college-meets-business school-meets-Montessori. They’re just chuffed I’ve stopped complaining about how much I hate my job…

I had a ‘mare of a time last week trying to explain to my academics-obsessed mum that we don’t actually get grades on our work or a technical qualification at the end of the course. Until very recently she thought I was doing “something to do with the internet.” I’m hoping that one day she’ll spot an ad of mine in between Emerdale or something and I can just point to it and say “I made that.”


Josie: The Apprentice mixed with a cult mixed with playgroup mixed with Britain’s got Talent


Rob: I just take on a far a way expression and say, “You wouldn’t understand.” If they keep asking questions I go into great detail about what I’m doing that week. OR I say “Remember that Guinness advert? I’m learning how to be that good.”


Phil: It’s finishing school for the best bits of your brain.


Marta: I compared it with the most famous TV program in Spain which it is called OT. This TV program is about a group of people who live in an academy for 3 months and they have to prepare a song every week and at the end they start a career in the music industry.


Joe R: Like One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest but they let us go home.


Jacob: No one’s ever asked me so please if anyone out there is reading this i’m desperate for a chat.


Pls. I’m so lonely I sometimes draw a face on a potato and imagine he/she’s my friend. But eventually the potato leaves. Just like everyone else. They always leave :’(


Mary: A creative hospital where try to change the lives of people in tiny squares.


Sophie: No one listens when I speak so I just say what I really think about the person I’m talking to and they usually just yawn or nod politely.


Antonio: So,

to my old grandparents I say: “You know that TV spot about your favorite spring water with that talking bird? Yeah, someone had that idea and I’m studying to become the guy who has ideas for the TV spots. Yes, yes, it’s a real job, and it’s paid. Trust me! Don’t worry, I like it, I don’t want to be a veterinar like you”. I have this conversation every time we phone because they don’t the the best memory.


To my parents I say: “It’s a school when I study advertising everyday and everynight. We are super busy and I’m sorry I can’t phone you often. No mum, it’s not a university, I won’t graduate but in these type of industry you don’t need these kind of certification, but just an amazing portfolio that shows as good you are”


Zoe: Like a year long professional love island… But instead of leaving with a boyfriend, a bikini, and a deal with Topshop, I’ll leave with a creative partner, a portfolio and a placement with Abbott Mead Vickers (hopefully.)   


Vic: I generally just say I do creative advertising in London. My Italian friends generally ignore the advertising bit and just gush about how much they love the city and they wish they were me. I think I could tell them I’m a bin-man here and they’d still be jealous.


Saphire: A Love Island-esque creative cesspit in Brixton Mass that I’m in love with.


Leonore: Always depending on who I have to explain it to. Sometimes I say I’m kind of studying, sometimes I try to explain what we actually do and work on, but it often ends in questions like “But…. how do you get graded?”.


Alex T: Can anyone recommend any good hair products? Perhaps a good dandruff wash. Head & Shoulders esque. Thanks.


Gémina: I am doing ads but not like all the bad ones you can see on the TV


Dan: No it’s not a masters. It’s at a place called SCA. Yeah it’s in a church. Yeah it’s Brixton so I can cycle which is convenient. Yeah I’m back living with my mum. It’s alright yeah but it would be nice to move out. So we make adverts but also do other stuff – we had to make a silent film once. Also when they tell us to make ads, they usually follow that by saying we shouldn’t make ads, we should do something else instead, which is a bit confusing. But yeah I’m enjoying it. What are you up to at the moment?


Lauren: I’m not even sure if anyone knows I’m here.


Alfie : “Yeah that churchy looking building, well…” [their eyebrows raise] “…No I’m not a member of the clergy. Our thing is we sell or die”  


Karolina: “School of Communication and Arts. Yes,  I know, I can’t draw, but…”


Tarun : It’s like Masterchef for advertising, except everybody wins.


Max : Basically Im learning how to make adverts that sell things like food and washing powder, but I don’t do the shit ones where the voices are dubbed over a spanish version.


Andy: You remember when I was a kid and I used to make my own versions of ‘Have a Break, Have a KitKat’? It’s that, but hopefully someone will pay me at some point.


Coco: Please don’t ask me again….


Jemma: I can’t give out that information.


Lucy: Learning how to colour in but this time within the (key)lines.

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