How has New Blood changed you?

I am completely out of inspiration for my SCAB so I’m just going to steal the brief for this week’s reflections.

How has New Blood changed you? Well first there’s what you see like the bags under my eyes and the pimples on my face. Then there’s all the good stuff underneath. Like the sense of accomplishment, satisfaction, pride, relief and on and on and on that I feel after these 2 weeks. 

New Blood teaches you about yourself. I feel like I got to meet my high pressure environment self. I hope to have a career in which I get to work on things I really believe in. New Blood taught me to zip it and just start MAKING. The vague, inadequate ramblings about an idea will only take you so far. It taught me that if it’s the right team doing the work, then it can really make the dream work. 

I feel like both Roh and I naturally poured our hearts into it. It was really encouraging to feel aligned with someone in terms of the vision we had for our idea. It’s really important to hold your partner’s opinion in high esteem, and truly value their input because as you start getting closer to the submission date you’ll realize the most important opinions are you and your teams because by that point you’ll know the brief better than most.  

Some other things:

-It’s important you and partner have the same vision and know each other’s way of working 

-Yes, limit yourself to only 3 mentors (craft, strategy, copy) BUT listen to everyone because there will be one thing that a mentor will say that could change everything for the better (it’ll probably be Alexandra Taylor

-Soundboard to people in your life as well but remember that it’s possible that they don’t fully understand the nature of the brief 

-If you’re recording footage, you will see a rising actor star in all the people in your life because there is no other way… and then they will probably start to hate you you will try to take complete advantage of the fact that they’re your friends and family 

-This one is tricky because in all honesty I learned by doing, but if you can master Adobe before New Blood season you’re setting yourself up to win 

-Also music is super important start looking for a good track in advance

New Blood taught me that there is immense value in feeling really strongly about something because it will show in your work so make sure your idea excites you and fuels your fire!! 


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