How I lived this two weeks – By @Ricardo_maeva

By Maeva Ricardo


How I lived this two weeks 


These two weeks are coming to an end soon, alleluia! 

I really appreciate this week’s brief. But I have the feeling I am not enjoying it fully in terms of creativity and training. 

I’m usually a really organized person, and I usually do everything in time. 

As Alex said, I prioritize, I free myself of time. I normally feel freer by having finished all my personal projects first. But this week was not the case. My concentration was not at its maximum. I haven’t stopped repeating the list of things I had to do in my head. 

Indeed, firstly I started to apply in advertising agencies for my internship in February. If you knew the number of mail, message LinkedIn and spontaneous application on website that I sent. Buzzman, Rosaparks, Fred & Farid, DDB, TBWA, Havas, Marcel, and obviously BETC my favorite agency. I have so far obtained 2 interviews with BETC (positive replies, what a relief!) I obviously expect others and I’m preparing to send physical CV which would allow me to make a difference. But I’m so happy to have built a connection with BETC. The interviews are this week ….pressure N°1 

I also had the chance to be part of the 19 people who can design an image for the directory magazine. But the deadline is Saturday. I am so frustrated to not have the free mind space to think more about this project. A big opportunity like that doesn’t show up twice. I hope my work will be appreciated and make the cover !!! I will put my all into this cover….pressure N°2 

We have an extra assignment this week; surprise : 2 reflexions. I really love this concept, so English, to put words or images in our emotions and thinking. So important to define them. Since the beginning of the year, I take this project seriously and try each time to do something pretty that can explain correctly what I want. This week the work is double….please not this week….pressure N°3 

This week we also had a Two Days brief. I was happy to have the chance to work with Rachael. Portuguese team working on Pro Plus… but 2 days seriously? So short, knowing that we had another briefs in parallel. Racheal was sick but she continued to work from home to finish this project on time. Great team ….but so much stress….pressure N°4 

How I said, there is also the 2 weeks brief where I worked with Bastien. I think it was difficult because both of us was worry about other stuff. I still spend a lot of time understanding what is a GET TO BY an practiced to write a lot of them. Finally we found a really good one but our momentum was cut by the Two Days Brief. We must seriously do it before Thursday to have time to edit the case study for Friday. We will get there, no doubt! …..pressure N°5!!! 

And finally my scab for Friday….Why this week? But it is done!….pressure N°6/ eliminated. 

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