How to Be Successful at Whatever You Want to Do – By @anamal91

Anam Kibria

By Anam Kibria


How to Be Successful at Whatever You Want to Do

Today was only my second day at SCA, and already I feel like I am ready to share with all of you the secrets to being the best version of you that you could possibly be. Crazy, right?


Before starting the course, I religiously read as many scabs from the previous intakes as I could, looking for any nuggets of wisdom on how to ace this year. Most of them said the same thing, that the first term is generally quite relaxed and you should take it easy. Last night, as I walked away from my first day at SCA, I was definitely not taking it easy. I was panicking. I was overwhelmed.


Throughout the day, Marc spoke about good habits that we should start to try and introduce in to our lives. And over the past two days, as we learnt different types of habits, I realised just how important these are and how beneficial they are to yourself. I left the day wishing that I had at least a few of these habits already made before starting the course.


So whether you are looking to get in to SCA, or simply just reading this for your amusement, here are some habits that you can try to incorporate into your life and I guarantee that they will bring you success:



  1. Plan your time

This is key. Set goals, then break them down into smaller tasks. Try and plan as much of your day as possible, then write it down in a planner or on your phone. Writing down tasks saves you having to try and remember them and frees up your brain power to be more productive. Be in control of the day, don’t let the day control you.


  1. Read

Try and introduce reading into your life. Books can teach you so much more than Google can. If you aren’t currently a reader, try and set aside some time a few nights a week to read. In just a few weeks you’ll be surprised at how much knowledge you have.


  1. Collect dots

Try and get out of your comfort zone. Go see a movie that you wouldn’t normally see, or listen to a band that is definitely not your genre. Maybe go to a museum or art gallery if you haven’t been already. There are ideas and insights hiding around the world like Pokemon, you just have to get out there and catch ‘em all.


  1. Be grateful

Take some time out before you sleep to think about things that you are grateful for. You will have a much better sleep, trust me. Being grateful sends out positive vibes, which in turn leads to a happier you.


  1. Meditate

We’re all busy. We all have tons to do. But there’s only so much that your brain can handle at one time. It’s important to be aware of this and give your brain the rest that it needs so that it can perform to its full potential. Meditation doesn’t mean sitting with your legs crossed, eyes closed, chanting stuff. It simply means to focus your mind on one particular thing. For some people its gardening, for others painting. It could be cooking or tai-chi. Find your outlet, and treat your brain to some much needed breathing space.



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