How to do better Creative Work – By @Benedicttatham

Benedict Tatham

By Benedict Tatham


“How to do better Creative Work” My rather scary discovery. 

After Steve Harrison’s brilliant master class at SCA the other day I thought I would revisit his book “How to do better Creative Work” over the weekend to refresh my memory on the wisdom that lies within.

I have to say it was only when I picked it up for the second time that I remembered what Marc said after Steve’s lecture. If you want to buy a paperback copy of the book it will cost you around £75 or you can just get it on Kindle for £10. 

Well, I was certain I hadn’t spent £75 on the book. So I went on my amazon account to check and low behold I had purchased the book on the 13th of June for £12! Not only that, but when I looked on the inside cover, I saw it was a 1st edition!

Then, I got really over excited. I looked online for anyone selling a 1st edition and my heart skipped a beat and my jaw dropped and cracked on the edge of the table when I saw someone had put one up for sale for £3,942.84!!! 

I immediately pictured myself somewhere very hot and remote this summer.

Obviously I needed to verify my findings so I got my flat mate to check and yes… yes he confirmed that my book was a first edition and yes that someone else was selling a new paperback for £3,942.84 or a used-good version for a casual £5721.94…..

So you can imagine how I felt. All my money problems resolved, a nice summer holiday and plenty of money left over to spend on that new guitar amp I desperately wanted.

However….however. A little bit more research and some damming, new and contradicting evidence was brought forward. 

It just so happened that amazon seller ‘Aimhighbooksreu’ was also selling “More Skinny, Slow Cooker Recipes” For £1,599.58 and “Women’s Strength Training Anatomy Workouts” for £2,219.13.

End of dream holiday, end of dream guitar amp and time to practice the ‘logical’ conclusion technique. What a shame…

The thing is though, he only has a couple of absurdly priced books, he also has a 5star rating and  rave reviews about his customer service.

So maybe there is still hope for me, maybe I should just whack it on for a couple of G’s and see how it goes?? 

Either way, I have made £60 but I’m not going to sell it for that and sorry SCA it’s not for lending. Unless anyone’s willing to match aimhighbooksreu’s prices this book ain’t leaving the house!

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