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By Martin Fürst
Yesterday we had a fantastic talk from Graham Fink at SCA. It was by far the most inspiring and uplifting talk so far. I’m sure everybody who reads this knows already who he is. If not, google it. 
I begin this SCAB with a phrase of his talk. Leave everything better, than you found it. This is so true on many levels. Not only when it comes to work, even in your personal life. By the way, this border shouldn’t be so strict at all. Make your passion a living, and you won’t work a single day again. It made me think how often I ignore things, because I think it’s not worth it. It wasn’t always the case. I remember myself being the one who corrects a leaning frame, sorting papers and tools beautifully. But why did I stop? It can’t be about priorities because it wouldn’t take long. Maybe I got too much thinking about what’s necessary and fell into the trap of efficiency. 
During the Christmas break, I will shift my attention to it and start living by the quote again. 
What also inspires me are his artworks. It made myself clear, that there is no need for a strict boundary between advertising and art. I can do both or better merge them. In his talk, he gave us a reason why he is doing it. For him, it was never the question if he should do art or advertising. He initially just wanted to do art installations, videos, photography and on and on. And he found a perfect place where he could do all these things and doesn’t have to decide. Advertising.
In one of my previous SCABs, I wrote about pure creativity and adapted creativity. Graham instantly provided an answer for me. 
I want to create new stuff, whether it’s art projects or ads.
I don’t have to decide. When I grew up, I always wanted to be an artist. I painted a lot, my whole parent’s house is full of them. But when I told people that I would study graphic design and advertising, they reacted disappointed. It wasn’t understandable for them, how similar these professions are. And somehow myself began to think this way. I thought more about how I can produce work, which is efficient and easy to sell rather than if it’s great enough.
Before starting with SCA, I made a side project, which made me experience again, what exciting things can happen if you don’t have a client. I asked a few people to make an interview about time with me. However, I didn’t ask a single question. I made a stunt out of it. Let people wait in a room for me and watched how long they would stay. Turn out it’s very long. Take a look:
Now the first term is nearly over and many things changed, but I have to keep changing my mindset. So look forward to my next passion project. “Just a moment”.

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