How will I help the rest of the class in the final 2 weeks?

By Fat Penguin – The SCA Intake of 2016/17


How will I help the rest of the class in the final 2 weeks?



Kenny: I’ll support people when I can. If anyone needs me, give me a shout. I’ll also be passing out flyers for SCA Vintage whenever I get the chance.

Mary: I’m going to promote the class every chance I get, and I’ll also do my very best to give fellow Fat Penguins constructive feedback.

Daze: We’ll be bringing SCA Vintage flyers to crits and meeting our group a few times this week to go over each other’s books.

Orla: Retweeting other people’s Portfolio Day work when I’m on Twitter. (Can we get it on Instagram?)

Adeline: If anyone needs any help on anything, you know where I am.

Fen: Spread the word about portfolio day, make the school famous.

Gnome: Ask them how they are getting on. Offer help. Be there when they need me. Retweet SCA related stuff.

Alex: In a perfect world, I would give everyone printer credits but, alas, I can only lend you an ear or a helping hand.

Anam: I’m here for anyone that needs a fresh pair of eyes to look at their work, to bounce some ideas around or simply get out of the studio for an ice cream 🙂

Flav: Look at everyone book, share feedback.

Beth: Be here for ya guys. If you need help with anything or cuddle come ask 🙂

Tomo: ‘I’m on call, to be there.

One and all, to be there.

And When I fall, to pieces.

Lord you know, I’ll be there waiting.’

Ludo: constantly hit the retweet button.

Arthur: By listening and being honest

Lee: I will buy Freddo bars for everyone.

Malou: keep reminding people of a glass that’s half full.

Mona: Give more hugs.

Krista: By retweeting my fellow penguin portfolio day tweets and offering my support whenever I can. By support I mean pint.

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