Humble. By @chloecordon

chloe cordon

By Chloe Cordon




It’s a word that has been at the front of my mind for a few days now, and boy do I feel it. And I believe everyone at the School of Communication Arts should.


Selection day is where it started. First of all the people who came and bared their souls humbled me. It reminded me how lucky I am to be where I am. I just called my mum to tell her about my week, and she said she wished she’d been in my position when she was my age. I’m insurmountably grateful I am in my position, and seeing the desire that people have for something that I already have was a strange feeling. When it came to ask the current intake I just wanted to shout at them “you’d be crazy to not come here”. They really would. It’s a selfish thought, but having this year dedicated to you, where the only thing that matters is you, and everything rides on you; it’s an honour to be able to take the time to do that, and to have people who support you in doing that is, well, I wish there were words big enough to thank those people.


The sad thing is, and I know we’re all guilty of it, we forget how lucky we are. We take it for granted. It’s been an intense, hard few months. As humbled as I am by this opportunity, it’s not easy. SCA is an emotional rollercoaster I can barely stay buckled into, and that makes it easy to forget how much of an amazing ride it is. But when I take the time to reflect I remember. I expect I’ll come off this ride jumping up and down shouting “let’s go again!” We’re learning to do something we love. As a career. Nihal just said at the pub “imagine being paid to do this shit”. We’re lucky bastards.


Another take on humble.


We came to SCA to learn how to be the best version of ourselves. To develop, grow, and improve our skills. It would be ridiculous to spend this year thinking we have any idea what we’re doing. There have been plenty of ex students come in and tell us they still don’t know what they’re doing. It’s a long, and at the moment steep, learning curve that I don’t imagine I’ll ever see the end of. Staying humble in this respect is incredibly important. If you admit you don’t know what you’re doing it’s a reason, an opportunity, to learn. It’s human to be fallible. It bonds us together as a group of fresh creatives trying to figure out what the fuck is going on. We can help each other, guide each other, or at least be there for moral support, a shoulder to cry on, or a hand to hold when we blindly stagger forwards, arms stretched out in-front of us. And I love SCA for that. It’s full of great people. Seriously good people, through and through. I know each and every one of you will smash this year. It’s exciting to think where you might be this time next year, and I’m honoured to have been a part of your journey.


***is sick in mouth a little bit at how emotional this got***



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