I AM AN ART DIRECTOR – By @laurenpeters123

By Lauren Peters




I am an Art Director. I am an Art Director. I am an Art Director.

This terrifies and excites me in equal measure.

Up until now I have been straddling the art-copy divide.

Yesterday was the first time I answered the ‘who does what?’ question with a definitive answer: ‘Art.’

I always thought being both was best, as it meant I could work with whoever I liked on whatever I liked – be it words of pictures.

But partnering with Augustine has made me realise the importance of specialising. Her unrivalled obsession with literature (specifically, D.H.Lawrence) and unique way with words is inspiring.

The terrifying bit:

I can’t help but feel insecure and inadequate. I am, objectively, a lot worse at my thing than she is at hers. She has been mastering copy for years. There’s pressure to step up.

The exciting bit:

We’ve been working on campaigns this week where the idea has come alive through craft. I’ve always put the idea at the centre, and I think it still remains. But I’m finally starting to see the merit in really investing time in the look, sound, touch, taste, smell of the thing.

So yes. I am terrified. I am excited. But I am ready for the challenge.

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