I AM HOMESICK – By @EvaMenovsky

By Eva Menovsky




As most of you know, the School of Communication Arts has moved from our beloved church to pop Brixton. 

And I was devastated. 

I came to SCA in 2017 and attended the first term. 

Quickly the lovely wide open space in the St. Matthews Church became my home. 

The people of groundswell homeless centre became my neighbours.

And the meth junkies in front of it became my local heroes.


Over the half term, I have been denying that we were going to move to the cold crowded place, Pop Brixton. 

Chloe and I went to Amsterdam for the first couple of days during the break.

And I realised how much I value a space that I call home. 

To be able to come home to a place where you feel safe and the ability to be yourself. 


The fourth floor of the St. Matthews Church is the only home I know in London. 

I have moved around to different countries in the past. 

I’ve lived in Denmark, Antwerp and Berlin, before moving to London. 

And from all of those places, there wasn’t somewhere that I called home. 


Most people believe, with my open-hearted mind, I might feel at home quickly. 

But I never actually do. 

So for me, to have a place that I call home in another country was the best thing that could have happened.

I take a lot of value in family and friends, feeling loved and supported, the things that bring life to a home. 

And especially moving to another country, I get homesick quickly. 


And of course, as the worst saying says: home is where the heart is. 

But unfortunately, I gave a little piece of my heart to the church in Brixton. 

And yes, I know I’m acting out like I’m some 16 years old child in puberty whose parents just told her they are going to move out from their family home.

But to be honest, that is how it feels for me.


I feel mad at Marc, for letting us go through this in the middle of the year at D&AD time. 

I feel mad because I already miss home so much. 

And mostly I’m just really sad, for leaving such a beautiful time I had there behind. 

I feel sad because somehow without the fourth floor of the St. Matthews church, I have never felt this lonely in London.


I have been deprived of my home, the place where I felt safe.

And I feel homeless, although I must be the richest homeless person in all of London. 


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