I feel it all… then write with it.

The guilt for leaving your pet at home. 

The excitement at the top of the ride. 

The love none of us can explain. 

The fear we all try to hide. 

The pressure to be a perfect parent. 

The anger that yours never were. 

The hope you try to hold on to.

The nerves while talking to her.

The grief that feels like sickness.

The happiness that feels like a drug. 

The hate for the man on the news.

The relief from a much needed hug.

The nostalgia of road trips with friends.

The disappointment you no longer talk.

The stress that is slowly killing you. 

The peace when you go for a walk.

The shame for not being who they think you are. 

The regret when you realise you could.

The sadness you hide with a smile.

The confusion to not feel like you “should”.

By, The Empathetic Entertainer

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