So grateful – By @Ricardo_maeva

By Maeva Ricardo


So grateful 


That is,I write my last SCAB After 4 months spent at SCA I sign the end of my adventure. And what an adventure … 

At the beginning of September I arrived in this school full of doubts and anguish. “And if I can’t follow, and if nobody understands me ..” 

I arrived with basic English and aimed to improve myself and expand my advertising culture. I’m pleased to announce I achieved my goals. 

Working with English people has really been a pleasure Moreover, the Krakers proved to be a year of great flood (enough to make me appreciate the wine) 

I had the chance to work as a team or in pairs always with very patient and attentive people. The desire to make me understand but also to push my progression; the Krakers have been so helpful. I confess I rarely experienced such a welded class. Although I am delighted to go on an internship, it is with regret that I leave this class and this universe. 

I speak of universe because SCA is really an experience. Rhythm, mentors, lessons and tips. I really tried to take from this experience all that I could take. And even if being out of my comfort zone was not easy, I learned to “kill my baby” 

I have learned in terms of creation and idea building. I also learned to put words and ideas on feelings (thanks reflexion Slides) 

I’ve read books in English … it’s huge! I learned so much! I was also able to discover advertisements that did not cross borders (meaning constraint)! And what luck, I realize it now. 

Not to mention the school system that is so much more rewarding than what I have experienced before. No grades and so much more responsabilites finally. Here everyone is there for a real reason; to learn! This is the only thing that motivates students at this school. 

At SCA you can’t be bad because all the ideas are good and allow you to bounce back. At SCA you are always valued. At SCA you fix your stakes yourself. At SCA you progress 

I’m leaving with a much heavier creative baggage than I arrived with. And I can not wait to use all these techniques when I return to France. 

If I had to six hat this experience: 

White hat : 4 months in immersion in a country, in a school. With 2 goals 

Yellow hat: Great experience, big opportunity in my life. Goals achieved, lots of new encounters, expand my horizon. 

Green hat: This experience makes me want to travel and meet many people 

Red hat: Deep in me I feel lucky to have been able to participate briefly in this experience. 

Blue hat: This experience allows me to check one more box in my course. It allows me to better my CV for my next internships 

Black hat: Slight regret to not have worked more with english people 

For sure at SCA I will miss a lot of people and things. But I take the best of this adventure with me, lot of memories, good advice, great meetings and a new way of seeing things. 

I leave with a baggage as heavy as my heart. 

Thanks all of you. 

« When an opportunity arises, consider it as unique, take it and act » Mofaddel Abderrahim 

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