I Ripped a Hole, by @13samuels

Sam Markham






By Samuel Markham


I ripped a hole between night and day Just to find a quite place
No one will understand
It s just how it is
Told I can t do that
But it s probably something I said to Myself
Between the street sweepers and understanding the diamonds censor themselves
 I m beyond the the horizon
Further from the shore
When I Smile you think I moan
Just ask the fortune telling lady
She has her finger on the pulse
All the other faces just say maybe
What you got ?
 A hammer for your nail?
A reason for your actions ?
A game for your words?
Come back when you see sense
Was her advice
I think about Time
Is it alive? Can you touch it ?
Where did it go?
I do not feel time
But I can see it in her bones

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