I sell shoes. @iamvandale

By Adeline Vandale


I sell shoes.


Quite literally.

And without any ads.


I picked up a job recently.

Every week, 8 hours per weekend.

I sell shoes.

I don’t need that job.

Not particularly.

But I like those shoes.

And I like that job.


I can talk to people.

The real ones.

For whom a “proposition” is only a suggestion.

For whom the best ads only need the letters s a l e s.

I sell shoes to people who like shoes.

And sometimes even more than I do.


I talk to my colleagues about life.

Life they have inside a world that isn’t mine.

Life from a world that isn’t theirs.

Nor mine.

My colleagues are sources of insights.

I like insights.

And I like my colleagues.


I like this job.

It makes me feel rested.

More than a day of sleep.

So I will keep that job.


And even if one day I decide to walk away from it,

I will always love that job.

Because I sell shoes.

And I like selling those shoes.

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